Mosquito 1994

That sweet stop motion magic

I walk through life sometimes thinking “I have seen every fun splatter comedy that have ever existed. There is nothing left for me to see for I have seen it all”

A wise man once said “You’re an idiot. There’s always something out there waiting to surprise you.”

Mosquito is a FUN (capitals necessary) film. The acting is broad, the plot a corpse delivery system and the comedy grating, but that’s just window dressing. The most important thing is that it’s a splatter comedy, directed by an FX artist who worked with the Evil Dead crew, and that the end result is a mash up exploding practical mosquitoes, stop motion skeeters and a few half second glimpses of cell animation. It’s the sweet stuff that genre fans crave, and it’s been sitting unloved in bargain VHS bins for years. Just look at that cover. It’s lame-o city. Why would you want to watch that? Because it’s awesome.

Mosquito 1994


Sometimes I don’t have much of a review to write, because I think you should just go watch the film. This is one of those times.

Mosquito 1994

Get your ass to Mosquito!

Thank the stars to Synapse films who have delivered the best possible package the film will ever receive. It’s got great cover art, a pristine visual presentation, and a wealth of special features – a commentary track, raw behind the scenes footage, and a feature length making-of (from the pros at Red Shirt Pictures) that itself alone is worth the price of admission.  I honestly think we’re in a golden age of physical film releases. The fact that only the super fans are buying discs means that the companies are making the releases for the super fans. You owe it to yourself to pick up releases like Mosquito and Arrow videos releases like The Mutilator. Yes, I realize they’re expensive, but they are worth it.

On a final note, don’t watch Skeeter (1993). Great poster. Shit film.

Mosquito 1994

This poster lies


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